Finding the female fantasia

Moroccan photographer Zara Samiry celebrates the women who participate in the traditional horseback riding in Morocco. James Estrin of the New York Times wrote an article this past May about Samiry and her photo-project focusing on the same troupes of women that I plan on doing my research with. Check out the article at:

While the women riders get attention from the media, actually finding them in real time is a bit of a challenge. There are not many groups around Fez, so I find myself cold-calling or cold-emailing some of these ladies so I can meet up with them later in the year.

This past week was furititous because I connected with one of the regional presidents of the male fantasia troupes. In Morocco, the way you get around is by not what you know, but who you know and who they know and so on. While sometimes this can be a bit time consuming, it is fun whenever you meet a person who participates in the fantasia because they are so enthusiastic and want to talk for hours and show you pictures and the latest videos of the fantasia groups. It’s like whenever you run into a fellow-horse person, their passion shines through. Hopefully more to come in the following weeks!

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